A Momma’s Words

Mom's Poetry

The thoughts of a mom expressed through poems

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, December 1, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ -- A mom’s thoughts and emotions are expressed in many different ways. Some are through caring actions, via the preparation of one’s favorite food, while some are shown in doing the everyday tasks in the house. But for author Kathleen Dunleavy, her inner self is expressed through words, and in particular, through poetry. Her work, aptly named Mom’s Poetry, is a collection of anecdotes and recollections of her experiences in life, written in emotional and sometimes humorous manner. Woven into these poems are messages of love and caring for one another, especially within the family.

It is no surprise that Kathleen would write her book this way. A mother of four, grandmother of eleven, and even a great-grandma of a two great-grandchildren, she values family very much. She is a retired widow who has worked for more than four decades in the New York-Presbyterian Hospital. She specialized in the neurology and neurosurgery fields and is an active participant in numerous medical activities. She holds an undergraduate degree and two graduate degrees: an MA and an MSN.

Kathleen’s work is full of poems that draw from her long and colorful life, with some that tug at the heartstrings and others that tickle the funny bone. A few focus on a person’s duty to family, other people, and humanity in general, such as a poem about the tragic events of September 11. Other poems talk about love and loss like the death of a beloved.

Regardless of topic, this book of poems will evoke many emotions and will fill any reader with warmth and a sense of peace. This is a collection of beautifully written poems that any fan of poetry and positivity will appreciate. Buy your copy today!

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