Author Gillian Thorp Examines Life Before Black Lives Mattered

The Colour of the Sun memoir, a journey from a young girl's hardships in South Africa to her life in the sun.

One hot June afternoon in Durban, South Africa, a child is born. Doctors and nurses marvel because the birth is one of the rarest in the world. The child, Gillian August, is born still shrouded in her amniotic sac. She is a caul baby.

A Debut Memoir Takes Readers on an Inspirational and Astounding Journey

This is my story, one where thieves give more than they take, and where something great comes from places where nothing at all is expected.”
— Gillian Thorp
SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 9, 2020 / -- At a time when we struggle to ensure racial equality and denounce racism, it’s important to acknowledge the stories of those who survived a time in our very recent history when indignities based on the color of skin were commonplace.

The Colour of the Sun, Gillian Thorp’s debut memoir, comes along at exactly the right moment for us to do just that.

Thorp takes the reader through the journey of a young Coloured girl born in the seventies in the Apartheid culture of South Africa. Her journey to find her voice took her through a world where almost everyone was looking to silence it.

There was nothing or no one to help Thorp, least of all her family after her father dies a mysterious death. New “fathers” brought a sense of dread, not security.

But Thorp did have protection as a caul baby – one born in her amniotic sac. In South Africa at that time, it was a sign of a child with protective powers, powers that were stripped from her almost immediately by a thief.

Wandering a world without the protection that was her birthright, Gillian finds herself in the “backseat” of life often. From the struggles of life as a poor girl of color to a journey that took her to America, to the love of her life – an athlete who played with the NY Giants and Jets -- who was also stolen from her by fate.

The Colour of the Sun is a timely story for today as we struggle with the unforeseen every day with #blacklivesmatter, with a virus that we can’t see, and with everyday sadness. And yet, we endure because, after all as Thorp points out, the color of the sun shines on everyone the same.

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