Chicago Mom exposes children to traditional and non traditional entrepreneurship

USA, December 4, 2020 / -- Pongee Barnes; a Chicago mom of 2 boys. Barnes is also a wife and Real Estate Investor. Her passion for real estate investing began as a college student at Southern Illinois University. After purchasing her first property, it taught her the importance of ownership and real estate as a wealth-building resource. She opened her children’s book company, “Little Owners” in 2019; her books teach children about entrepreneurship and financial literacy. The books are comprised of mainly black characters to inspire children to pursue entrepreneurship careers. My books are written from the perspective of Black Wall Street.

What made Pongee want to become an entrepreneur?
“My parents were entrepreneurs; I grew up immersed in entrepreneurship. They owned an auto repair shop, and in the summers, I worked there doing administrative duties. I was able to see the good and bad sides of entrepreneurship. Most importantly, I understood that owning a business is another path to wealth, and in this country and the tax code was written for the benefit of business owners. History had taught me the black community thrived the most when black business ownership was at its height"; said Barnes.

What do you want people to know about you?
I want people to know that I’m passionate about educating the youth on the importance of entrepreneurship and financial literacy. I started my book series “Little Owners” because I saw a gap in the education system. The children, especially in our community, needed to be exposed to the information that could change the trajectory of their lives
and generations to come. It is my goal to get these books into every urban school district in the country.

How to stay connected?
Little Owners books are available on the website, & Use Code MERRY for $10 off.

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