Deion Campbell Talks About COVID, His Career and King Legend Talks

USA, December 5, 2020 / -- When I interview people, it is very rare to come across someone who inspires me, but that is what happened when I interviewed Deion Campbell. The 27-year-old professional photographer, author and host better known online as King Legend 757 has interviewed many celebrities and influencers on his all new podcast. Although there were many positive things that happened for Campbell in 2020, ultimately this will be one of the most challenging year of his life. The successful photographer had to adapt to a new life after contracting COVID19. After spending a long period of time in the hospital fighting for his life and surviving 12 days on a ventilator machine to keep him alive, he managed to overcome COVID19, unlike tens of thousands of other people around the world.

When he left the hospital, he was thankful that he survived, but COVID19 had left its mark. The dreaded virus had caused the young man nerve damage to his right arm which meant he could no longer hold a camera and take the stunning pictures he is known for. Instead of throwing in the towel, and getting down beat, Deion decided he would grab his new life with both hands and now runs The King Legend Talks Podcast available to listeners on the iheartradio app.

King Legend Talks has become a very popular and successful podcast, so we decided to find out more about the Podcast and Deion Campbell, to see what motives him and his life as a professional photographer/influencer.

First of all, please introduce yourself to our readers, and tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Deion Campbell, and I was born October 28, 1993 in Hampton, Virginia. I have always had the heart of an entrepreneur and started my own photography brand known as King Legend Photography. As a photographer, I would become well respected and known online as King Legend 757. I have taken photos of celebrities, weddings, events and I also do videography as well. Besides my career, I am a huge fan of the Philadelphia Eagles and I love to travel.

Deion Campbell, you have many bows to your strings, like you are a podcast host of King Legend Talks, Photographer, and an author, wow, where do you get time to sleep?
Well believe it or not, before the pandemic I actually had less time on my hand. I was on the go seven days per week and still had to try and balance work with time with family. Due to my encounter with covid-19, my life has changed tremendously because of nerve damage to my right arm. I am currently not taking photos or video until further notice. That’s where I get the time to do stuff now.

Before we touch on your many accomplishments, and I am dying to talk about your podcast and who you have photographed, is it true you caught COVID19?
In short, duh lol. If I hadn’t caught covid-19 I wouldn’t have wrote a book on it.

You went through a very traumatic time with COVID19 back in March, and you ended up on a ventilator in hospital for 12 days, and a total 40 days in hospital, has that experience changed the way you look at life? It forced me to realize that all the dreams in the world don’t matter at all if you are able to be alive to make them come true. Health is wealth and without it, nothing else matters but your faith in God and family.

Sadly, the complications with COVID19 it has caused nerve damage to your right arm, so you can no longer pick up a camera, do you see a future where you can do what you love and continue taking pictures? For the record, I will be taking pictures and video again once my nerve damage cease to exist. I am not giving up hope that one day it will be back to normal, and when that day comes, so will my business. In fact, my arm is healing more each month.

So, you started a podcast "King Legend Talks", can you tell me more about the podcast?
On the podcast I discuss with celebrity special guest or influencers about their journey to success. We to often see the end result of people we look up to, but don’t know enough about the path they took to separate them from the crowd. What about them mad them unique from everyone else that was doing it? The reason I came up with the question is because I know so many talented people that try hard to pursue their dream but eventually give up because they don’t make it. On my show hopefully we can get the answers that so many people need to know regardless of their walk in life about making their dreams come true.

Your book Ventilator has gained a lot of exposure, is there going to be a follow up?
I believe the purpose of the book is being fulfilled and at this time there is no need for a sequel to it. I simply wanted to raise awareness to a virus that has changed my life forever, to enlighten people on the reality of it not being a fake virus.

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