Feline Tales

Cat Tales: Da Real Pussy

An amazing look at the internet’s most beloved animal

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, December 7, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Cats have ruled the internet for years now, but they have been beloved, and even worshipped, since the time of ancient civilizations like the Egyptians. These days, they have a mystique almost unrivaled by any other animal, which is why they are generally adored. But there is more to the common cat than meets the eye, and in author Mick E. Jones’ book, Cat Tales: Da Real Pussy, he tells stories about cats and portrays them in a variety of ways. And while doing so, examines life.

Mick is considered by many to be a great source of spiritual guidance. People from different walks of life and of all ages can benefit from his insights and stories. Armed with infectious joie de vivre, his works should be read by those with an inquisitive mind or anyone seeking to find answers, or at the very least those who want to be pointed towards finding answers on their own. He is an accomplished athlete, singer, actor, poet, author, speaker, and generally just a talented virtuoso.

His book contains different tales of his feline friends and gives them different personalities, behaviors, and attitudes. Not only that, but he also expands on the myth and mystery of cats by giving them what could be considered supernatural traits, like being psychic! Going beyond that however, the metaphors of the stories will surely make the reader realize that there is a higher entity within both animals and humans and its philosophical insights will keep any reader glued to its pages.

A must have for cat lovers everywhere. Get your copy now!

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