Five Great Reasons to Keep Your Job Search Alive During the Holidays

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Author, Career Expert Christy Noel Hosts "Jumpstart Your Job Search During the Holidays" panel discussion on Thursday, Dec. 10

This is a tough time for job seekers, but now is not the time to slow your job search. With the right focus and strategies, you might have a big reason to celebrate the New Year -- with a new job.””
— Christy Noel
LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, December 3, 2020 / -- For job seekers, staying focused and looking for work during the merriment of the holidays is often challenging. But according to career experts, taking a break from job hunting now, could mean missing out on real career opportunities.

The idea to ride out the last few weeks of 2020 enjoying the holidays and hit the ground running in 2021 may be more enticing than the effort required to keep a job search alive. But with nearly 14 million workers facing the end of unemployment benefits in late December, many don’t have the luxury to put the brakes on a job search.

“Too often job seekers make the mistake of cutting back on their job search or stop looking altogether during the holidays,” said Christy Noel, ( career expert and author of “Your Career Survival Guide: How to Get and Keep a Job in Times of Crisis.” “The end of the year is actually a good time to search for and even land a job.”

Whatever your current job situation, here are five important reasons to keep pressing the gas pedal on your job search during the last few weeks of 2020.

1) Use It or Lose It Positions: Many positions were budgeted for in 2020 and need to be filled within the fiscal or calendar year they were planned. The hiring manager risks losing the position or budget for it if the position remains unfilled, so they’ll be actively hiring in the final weeks of 2020 to ensure they get to keep those positions.

2) Seasonal Jobs: Many companies are currently hiring to meet seasonal needs or increased demand caused by the ongoing pandemic. Grocery stores, big box retailers, online retailers, delivery companies, fast food restaurants, tax service companies, pet, hardware and auto stores are all actively hiring.

3) Less Competition: If you stay in the game and actively job search during the holidays, you will benefit from less competition. Many job seekers believe, incorrectly, that no one is hiring during this time or they’re distracted by holiday events and activities. They don’t even get in the game. Increase your chances of getting an interview and a job offer by continuing your job search activities when others have put them on pause.

4) Delayed Fall Hiring: In some cases, open positions were planned to be filled in September, after the summer months. However, COVID, life, uncertainty and economic challenges may have delayed or slowed down a company’s hiring process. These companies are now looking to fill these open positions or have the time to devote to reviewing resumes and conducting interviews.

5) No Lag Time to Start 2021: Companies want to hit the ground running in 2021. If they wait to begin the hiring process until January, they won't have positions filled until late January or early February at best. Many companies will be starting the hiring process now so they can have their new hires ready to start the first week of January.

And for the job seeker, restarting your job search in January can be like rolling a stone uphill. Keep the momentum going rather than taking a hiatus. "Career opportunities don’t stop during the holidays and neither should you," said Noel.

“This year has been challenging for so many, especially those out of work and job hunting,” added Noel. “One of the best gifts you can give yourself this holiday season is to stay focused and disciplined in your job search. Take advantage of the unique opportunities to make progress and reap the benefits missed by others who are sitting it out.”

To help job seekers this holiday season, Noel will host a career webinar and panel discussion, “Jumpstart Your Job Search During the Holidays” on Thursday, December 10 at 9:30 a.m. PST/11:30 CST.

In addition to Noel, the panel will include career consultant and hiring expert Jessica Williams ( and coach and TedX speaker, Scott Asai ( Asai is also a contributor to Noel’s recently released book, Your Personal Career Coach: Real-World Experiences for Early Career Success (BBL Publishing, Sept. 2020). All three career experts will discuss how to:
-Keep your job search alive
-Uncover job opportunities
-Fine-tune your resume
-Take advantage of holiday networking
-Stay motivated and still keep your holiday spirit

“We know this is a tough time for job seekers, so we want to offer some help with this interactive career event,” said Noel. “Participants will be able to ask live questions of the panelists and get actionable tips to maximize their job search during the holidays. And, hopefully, they’ll have a big reason to celebrate the New Year -- with a new job.”

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