Forensic Pathologist Shares a Glimpse of Examining Death

Objection, he's still alive: Memoirs of a Cowboy Coroner

New book highlights stories above and beyond death

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, December 4, 2020 / -- Objection, He’s Still Alive: Memoirs of a Cowboy Coroner gives us a glimpse of how the day-to-day work of a modern medical examiner goes. William Moore, the focus of the story, is a doctor who examines deaths to help find ways to better protect the living. From the extremely common cardiovascular death to the fatal tragedies or homicides, readers are given a detailed narration of how their investigative job goes. Like what could possibly interest readers, Moore likes to keep his mind to the unique qualities of different cases.

Author Philip E. Keen, MD, is a forensic pathologist with 44 years of experience working in different agencies and as a chief medical examiner. Dr. Keen has been a chief of pathology at a community hospital and a medical doctor for a medical laboratory. He also led the Arizona Medical Association prior to that, after he served as a chairman for the state medical licensing board.

This is definitely a good read for those who love to read about medical investigative stories. Dr. Keen has poured out to the book all the knowledge he acquired from his stint in the field of medical pathology and hundreds of appearances as an expert witness. Readers of the book liked how detailed the episodes are and believe that those who are interested in science and crime scene investigations would definitely want to read it.

“Each death is unique and if I pay sufficient attention to the unique qualities,” one of Moore’s lines say. While some days could be mundane for the common eye, these are cases that bear in them a special story that are worth paying attention to. Dr. Keen’s expertise captures these accounts perfectly without missing out on the distinctive medical viewpoints for each of them.

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