Mark S. Lewis’ Free Webinar on December 9 Offers “The Unthinkable Approach to Hiring” the Right Employee.

Inspiring business mentor, coach, consultant, and best-selling author, Mark S. Lewis

Lewis shares his unthinkable approach to hiring in his E-Book and Webinar

Mark S. Lewis speaks to a SHRM Human Resource Professionals

Lewis' webinar and E-book offer specific methods for understanding the thought patterns, values, and motivations of job candidates for the right company fit.

By using these prompts, you will get a sense of how each job candidate thinks, solves problems, manages stress, and/or initiates new ideas.”
— Mark S. Lewis
NEW ORLEANS, LA, UNITED STATES, December 4, 2020 / -- Mark S. Lewis, a successful and inspiring business mentor, coach, and consultant, will share "The Unthinkable Approach to Hiring" in his webinar on December 9, from 1:10 p.m. to 1:40 p.m. His specific methods will help business owners and hiring managers understand the thought patterns, values, and motivations of job candidates so that they can select the right hire to fit with their company's culture.

Lewis offers his insight into business hiring In his E-Book, "A Unique and Special Interview Tool to Build A Stellar Work Culture That Promotes Teamwork and Comradery", the subject of his webinar. The E-book offers 1 to 2-word interview prompts surrounded by a unique methodology that works towards helping business owners find the best individuals from their stack of applications or resumes.

"By using these prompts, you will get a sense of how each job candidate thinks, solves problems, manages stress, and/or initiates new ideas. This is MOST important in anyone you hire and more important than what they know. After the interview, which generally takes about 10 - 15 minutes to complete, you will have a much clearer understanding of whether or not a person will fit into your company culture," says Lewis.

Drawing from his experience facilitating and moderating CEO Round tables across Louisiana for the past seven years, Lewis's practical advice and positive messages have enabled him to help hundreds of CEOs and individuals accelerate their growth both personally and professionally.

His best-selling book, GIVE A DAMN - The Ticket to Cultural Change promotes Lewis' belief that traditional values such as honesty, trust, accountability, responsibility, altruism, and integrity are the foundation of moral wealth and prosperity. He explains that since these traits are not integrated into our thoughts and actions, we need to embrace the GIVE A DAMN! philosophy - the commitment to putting others' needs before those of self in both big and small ways to improve interpersonal relationships and motivate and inspire positivity.

“I wrote this book to provide individuals and organizations could have the tools to be able to develop a stronger awareness and understanding of their toxic thoughts, which lead to behaviors and actions that are selfish, irresponsible, and destructive. This occurs globally across all organizations, government, and in the home,” Lewis explains. “My book creates an acute awareness of what has led us down this path and also provides the solution for a simple but challenging mindset change that is necessary for society to prosper. Positive cultural change in society begins with you and me”.

More than a book, Lewis explains that his goal all along was to start the GIVE A DAMN! Movement. He asks everyone to take the American Accountability Pledge on his website, The pledge asks everyone to implement the GIVE A DAMN philosophy, a commitment to serving others and to do so without ego, criticism, condemning, or complaining.

With guest appearances on multiple radio, television shows, and podcasts, Lewis is off to a great start in starting his cultural revolution. Call me at (504) 905-4646 or visit for more information.

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