How Authors With A Platform Promote Their Work

Do you have a platform? Do you know what a platform is? This blog post will help you answer those questions.

So, your book is finished! What do you do now? Locking it away in a drawer is not an option. But, many authors struggle with book promotion or even promoting themselves. As a typical introvert, writers are used to solemnity - how else can you write. Being in such social conditions do not readily lend one to want to be in the public spotlight. But, if you want your book to be a success you need to put some effort into creating and building upon your author platform (even if feedback scares you to the depth of your soul). Without a solid author platform, you'll miss out on opportunities to promote your book and extend the reach of your writing.

So, What's An Author Platform Anyway!

If you're an Indie Author you've heard the latest catchphrase, "Author Platform". And even if you haven't heard it I've already mentioned it several times. Let's take a couple of minutes to unpack the jargon. Your author platform is basically your fanbase. All your twitter, facebook, Instagram and blog followers. All the people who read your books and can help you promote your books and extend your reach. Your author platform is proof of your existing audience. They're your sphere of influence; your most ardent supporters. Every author has a completely different platform, depending on the blend of tools you choose to engage your audience with. For instance, if you’re a young adult writer, your author platform and how you interact will look very different than an author that writes business books. The common thread is, you’re reaching out and interacting with your audience.

Why Should You Spend Effort Building An Author Platform

Keep in mind E L James? She's the creator of 50 Shades of Gray. James had an enormous sphere of influence certainly before 50 Shades was distributed. She had developed a devoted fanbase by composing fan-fiction and drawing in with readers via web-based networking media. This helped her when her book was distributed because there were fans built up who already wanted to purchase it. That out of control fan base helped James make more clamor and contact more individuals with her work - increasing the success of her book and setting the stage for her next one. Building your fanbase is essential. It's critical to draw in and engage with potential readers when you're starting out, and it's similarly as essential to connect with it when you have an increasingly settled profession. It's never too soon to begin connecting with readers.

An Author Platform Can Increase Your Reach

Showcasing and advertising a book is costly! Regardless of whether you are independently publishing your own book or working with a distributor, you'll likely be wanting for more cash to help find additional readers unless you have a well thought out plan to build your author platform. On the other hand, utilizing your author platform to advance your book is free (or near it). By engaging with fans through your platform, you'll help transform window shoppers into raging fans. Furthermore, those out of control fans will later go out, purchase your book, and, above all, help new fans discover you. Each and every one of your fans has his or her very own sphere of influence — taking advantage of those systems is the means by which you get your work to contact more individuals, rapidly.

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